Wellness Coaching for Hardworking Women Searching for Peace, More Energy and Empowerment

If you are tired of feeling drained, overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted, you have found your oasis of health.

meHi! My name is Shanie Matthews.

I am so excited that we have crossed paths. As a certified yoga and meditation teacher, holistic health and wellness coach and self mastery mentor, I know that, beyond a doubt, you have made that first step in finding your healthiest, happiest, most vibrant self.

I help hardworking, stressed women regain energy as well as find peace, harmony and an empowerment that is waiting and wanting to be expressed.


With each client, I create a unique and individualized health plan that is interwoven with proven tools that:

  • reduce the negative affects of stress
  • allow a deeper sense of peace to appear
  • clear the mind
  • reduce inflammation in the body
  • increase the metabolism
  • reduce the affects of adrenal fatigue and overall fatigue
  • support the adrenals
  • support the thyroid

My one-on-one and group coaching programs are designed to assist you in creating a more balanced, vibrant, healthy self that is able to more deeply connect into the highest potential that is awaiting in all aspects of life.

Join me…it’s time to be your best you.

Things I Can Do

Loving Yoga

Utilizing kind hearted yoga that inspires an inner transformation through breath, movement and affirmations.

Uplifting Meditation

Incorporating different forms of meditation based on each person’s individual needs.

Healing Pranayama

Involving specially designed breath work exercises that rejuvenate and heal body, mind and soul.

Holistic Food

Choosing a healthier, more nutritious approach to eating that inspires.

Empower You

Peeking into your unique shadows of life, as your wellness coach, I help the light shine in.

Essential Oils

Using the vast healing properties of essential oils, together we create a unique custom wellness plan.



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