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First, may I extend deep gratitude to you for taking the time to visit my site and learn more about this person named Shanie Matthews.

Originally born in the United States, I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived in Europe, South America, North America and within the region of Patagonia. One of my deepest pleasures in life is going to foreign lands to learn and become one with the people and their customs. It is through this connection with my global family that I have found the ability to see beyond the preferable box. Their teachings has helped me on my path of learning how I can be an asset to the world in creating a happier and healthier planet…by being a teacher and conduit of wellness information.

This comes, for me, in five different forms:


Through these five avenues, I facilitate the education and connection to our own individual highest potential.

My online yoga studio, MyHappyPath.com, offers yoga classes, affirmations, and meditations that work on various aspects in life, such as releasing fear, worry or sadness. By implementing deep breathing with poses, meditating and positive affirming, a person has the power to change their life significantly. In addition to to individual support, I also give exposure to and promote others on the path of creating more joy in the world on the website.

Beyond increasing wellness through my website, I also offers programs for corporate clients to help their employees be the best that they can be, at the job and off. Yoga is a way to allow your employees to have clearer mental capacity, more energy and a healthier overall existence which equals less cost in insurance fees and sick leave for employers. Just take the Seahawks as an example. Bringing yoga into their training has increased their winnings monumentally. Just imagine what it can do for your company.

Please feel free to contact me using the form below. It truly is my purpose to increase happiness and wellness in the world which translates into more internal and therefore external beauty on the planet.




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Skiing in the Italian Dolomites, March 2014
Skiing the Italian Dolomites, March 2014

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